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General notes

Our approach is to first present each method as theory followed by the opportunity to practice what you have learned. Many of these practice experiences will take place outdoors so we ask you to come with all-weather clothing (warm and waterproof) and appropriate outdoor shoes. For indoor sessions comfortable warm clothing is also recommended. Each module will be moderated by two of our trainers with Holger Heiten acting as the continuity trainer being present in almost all of the modules.

The venues

The Eschwege Institute Venue

The Eschwege Institute is a training centre, situated in the heart of Germany, not far from the town of Eschwege, about 50 km east of Kassel and 50 Km south of Göttingen, in the village of Meinhard/Neuerode (See further below easy descriptions, how to get there).

The Eschwege Institute has three beautiful group rooms, including two round yurts and two smaller rooms, distributed in huge self contained gardens. From the property you have breathtaking views over rolling woodland hills’ towards the “Hoher Meissner”, a mountain that with its 780 meters dominates the landscape. The vast woodland, which begins near the institute, belongs to the “green strip”, the former border between East and West Germany and is now one of the largest protected nature reserves in Germany.

The Eschwege Institut has its own guest accommodations, for up to 24 people in twelve beautiful rooms, with shared bathrooms. 25 more beds are available in nearby public accommodations as well as an organic food restaurant in 10 minutes walking distance, where groups will get Lunch. Breakfast, tea-breaks and dinner, will be served in the dining room of the institute. Full board food and Accommodation will be charged with 49,00 € per night in a 3-bed room, single rooms with 53,00 €.

Findhorn/Scotland, the venue for Level II: Vision Quest Guide

The Findhorn Foundation, one of the best-known international communities in the world, founded 1962, is a major international centre of adult education, and of personal and spiritual transformation. It is located close to the former fishing village Findhorn, in the North of Scotland, 30 miles east of Inverness, at Findhorn Bay and close to the little town Forres.

During preparation and completion time, we will stay in the Findhorn Hostel in the village, with bay view and close to the dune lands. In these times we will gather daily in our group room “the Earth lodge” at the heart of the nearby Findhorn Community.

As the group will provide itself with its own food (please plan some money for it), we either prepare it in the self catering kitchen in the hostel, or use one of the good restaurants around. You pay the lump-sum of 225,00 € for accommodation, transport into the wilderness of Moray Firth and all fees (group room, firewood, permissions etc.) in cash and € by arriving.

We will start our stay with a tour through the community; it will be possible to participate in some of the community routines such as morning meditations and taizé singing.

Five days in between, for the solo – fast, we will be out in the wilderness of the Moray Firth. We will camp in the woodlands at the beaches close to Findhorn Bay.

Innsbruck Venue

The Venue for the Council Module in Innsbruck isn´t clear yet and will be communicated in time. See the curriculum text for the Venue of the Vision Quest.

Value and pricing of the training

Level 1

The price of the training (Change Process Guide (CPG)) is 4940,00 €, excluding food and accommodation.

Payable in two parts:

First part = 2470,00 € before September 20, 2016 (In case you don´t sign the indenture, only the 360,00 € for the orienting module 1, the taster without obligation, will be charged. The respective part of the fee, about 2110,00 € (2470,00 € minus 360,00 € equals 2110,00 €) will be refunded to you.

Second part = 2470,00 € after Module 4 in April 2017

Level 2

The price of the training, (Vision Quest Guide), can vary, as a participation in one of our Vision Quest groups, prior to this training, will be accepted. The composition of the price will in other respects include the usual price for the participation in a Vision Quest (current price: 840,00€ + 225,00€ for accommodation and transport into the wilderness), as well as 300,00€ for the first and 200,00€ for the second and last apprenticeship.

Warranty Information

We understand that this is both time and monetary investment that needs to be considered. Therefore the first module in September 2016 is an „orienting“ module. You can decide to leave the training after the first module if it simply does not suit you. Respective part of the fee will be refunded to you.

Subsidies for training

The Eschwege Institut and its training academy Campus Peregrini, are officially acknowledged and accredited Institutes for continuing education, in Germany, having earned the official seal assuring professional quality standards.

(Qualitätssiegel der Weiterbildung Hessen e.V.. To prove this, find us in the „Hessischen Weiterbildungs-Datenbank": type in Eschwege Institut where they ask for „Anbieter“ or „Kurssuche“).

The training academy Campus Peregrini is an acknowledged charitable or nonprofit organization.

As this course is certified by the Eschwege Institut respectively by its training academy Campus Peregrini, you should be able to apply for subsidies from your country, federal state, or county, to co-finance your training with us.

As each Country has its own ways to distribute, for example EU- or Government-money to support further education of their citizens, we cannot tell you were to apply. Please search the internet and find according info-websites from your country, federal state, or county. In Germany it would be these two major Websites:

Don´t hesitate to contact us in case of more questions you have